She Said Yes!

On the 11th January 2021, Matt put the ring box in his pocket and encouraged Amelia to come for a walk on Cannock Chase. Reaching the stepping stones, Matt made sure to go first, half way across the stream he stopped with Amelia behind him, turned round and dropped to one knee.

New Zealand 2019

Matt asked Amelia to be his girlfriend on 2nd April 2018, but she had moved back to New Zealand. They wouldn’t get to spend any time together in person until he visited her in December 2019. What followed was the best 3 weeks of their lives so far.

Soul Survivor 2017

Putting up tents in the rain on the first night, they got chatting and realised how much they enjoyed each other’s company. They spent a lot of time together that week getting to know each other and the conversation that started that evening in the rain is still going on today.


At Victory Young leaders, paired together and challenged to separate all 5 colours of Skittles as fast as possible, Amelia and Matt jumped into action calmly sorting the colours long before the other pairs. This small challenge gave them a new appreciation for each other.